DermASAP is pleased to offer talented and highly motivated candidates an opportunity to spend a gap or bridge year within our practice.

This program is ideal for those needing to defer their medical school education so they can gain some clinical experience, potentially work on some research projects or publications, or just experience the practice of a subspecialty in medicine and its daily rewards and challenges.

Unlike other gap year or bridge year programs, we strongly take the candidates interests into consideration in establishing their daily responsibilities and duties. Emphasis will be placed on gaining comfort with patient interactions, identifying resources to investigate disease states, the practical management of a medical office and running of a business.


There will be ample time to learn sterile surgical technique, simple suturing, as well as observing and assisting with plastic surgical procedures.


From simple tasks such as booking of appointments and preparation of surgical kits, to more involved projects involving ongoing clinical studies, the ideal candidate should be eager to learn and participate, and will be exposed to many of the practical skills that are not always covered in postgraduate training but are vital to a successful career in medicine.

Opportunities exist for investigative laboratory involvement and research in fields beyond dermatology, for those seeking some benchtop hands-on work alongside highly skilled and trained scientists. In addition tours of some of Boston’s premier research facilities and pharmaceutical companies can also be arranged for direct observation of the research and development or manufacturing process.

Although we generally encourage applicants to apply for this position so they can start upon completion of their undergraduate work, we realize that not all candidates can always conform to a calendar year. We have found that three months lead allows for time to process the applicant’s application, arrange interviews or site visits, and ensure a good fit for all. Therefore candidates looking to start in July should submit their application no later than May 1 of the current year.

We request all candidates submit a list of college coursework completed including grades, and two letters of recommendation, one from a prior employer, and one from an educator. We want to get to know our candidates, so please tell us something about your ambitions and aspirations, as well as something that will better enable us to understand those unique qualities you can bring to the medical profession. Applications should be directed to with the subject “Gap Year Program”.

We strive to give back to those that successfully complete our program, and are available to counsel, occasionally tutor, or just be mentors. If availability allows, we can occasionally accommodate graduates who are taking a Gap Year prior to entering a PA or NP program. Interested individuals should follow the same instructions above.

Ken Reed

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