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Our center offers treatment for a wide variety of vein related issues, and we will happily recommend the procedure best suited for treating your individual concerns. We are able to effectively treat both red and blue veins up to a size of 3 millimeters in diameter. We are currently using a state of the art laser technology by the name of the Sciton Profile in order to avoid the injections normally associated with sclerotherapy. Profile is customized matching the condition of the skin with precise results.



Broken capillaries occur typically when the muscles of the capillary walls have torn. Often this tearing occurs when the capillary walls have been narrowed and widened too quickly and too often. A broken capillary wall cannot retain blood, leading to seepage into the surrounding skin. Seepage in this manner will give the appearance of either pink thread-like structures or small red dots under the surface of the skin.

Broken capillaries can occur in a number of different ways and are most seen in skin that has been thinned due to drying. Often this drying is the lasting effect of sun or wind burn but can occur due to a sudden, extreme, change in temperature. Areas of skin that are under constant pressure via squeezing, such as the area underneath a pair of glasses, are also susceptible to this condition.


This condition has a number of factors that make an individual predisposed to it. Among these factors are obesity, consumption of birth control pills, conditions that cause pressure in the abdomen, heredity factors, and occupations that include a large amount of standing (teachers, nurses, and factory workers are some common examples).

Often spider or varicose veins occur in women instead of men, but an estimated 30-60% of people still develop the condition as they age. Symptoms of the condition include complaints of pain in the leg that manifests as an ache or cramp. Tiredness, burning, throbbing, or heaviness in the legs are also known to be common symptoms of varicose veins. Patients have been known to develop deep ulcers in their ankles, causing a discoloration of the skin. In rare cases the veins can become inflamed, resulting in the possibility of a blood clot.


Telangiectasia cells can occur anywhere in the body, but the condition is most easily noticed when they develop in the skin or the eyes. Often these vessels have no negative symptoms other than how they appear (as red lesions or dark red blotches on the skin). Rarely, however, these dilated cells will begin to bleed, and have been known to develop inside the intestines or other organs.


Rosacea is a very common skin condition that develops in people usually over the age of 30. It is seen as a redness or flushing on the skin of the cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose. Some individuals will develop heavy development of pimples on this discolored skin. In some cases it can also cause the eyes to feel soreness or a burning sensation.

It is not known the exact cause of rosacea, other than it results from an irritation to the skin. It is a condition that seems to develop most in fair skinned people, or people who blush easily. It also seems to be inherited in families. The stark coloration of the face makes this condition relatively easy for doctors to diagnose.

The Sciton Profile is an Nd Yag laser that gives the physician the capability to restore skin to its youthful color and help eliminate structures in the visible surface layers of the skin. Vascular birthmarks and port wine stains can be effectively removed with Profile also. We also offer Broad Band Light (BBL) treatments that are very effective in reducing the redness associated with rosacea.

All areas of the skin can be treated with Profile vein treatment. The conditions listed are just a few with treatment options at our office, often with very little risk to the patient. Many of these conditions have little to no recovery time, and without lasting effects other than redness of the treated area. As with many skin conditions, the possibility of discomfort depends upon the treatment and to what depth of the skin is affected when the treatment is applied.

If you are experiencing any of symptoms and believe you may have any of these conditions, stop into our office for a proper diagnosis with a trained professional and a simple procedure to make a healthy, happier you.

Ken Reed

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