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The revolutionary ALMI procedure is an autologous fat grafting treatment that involves the injection of fat obtained through the use of liposuction for rejuvenation, restoration, and repair of degenerative tissues throughout the body. Men and women can improve the overall quality of their lives through this treatment. Here at DermASAP, we are pleased to offer our patients an advanced and innovative way to enhance their body’s functionality without the need for a lengthy surgical procedure.


For more information, please contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Reed.



Fat transfer and PRP treatments have been used for years to help treat specific conditions and bodily concerns that arise for reasons including age, injury, or genetics. ALMI is the next generation of the standard PRP injections and fat transfers, taking it one step further and combining these beneficial treatments into one advanced patented technology.

ALMI is a revolutionary procedure that utilizes the body’s own tissues to not only restore volume but also to repair damaged tissue. This is a minimally invasive, all-natural procedure that provides lasting restoration to the face and body with little to no downtime. Dr. Reed is pleased to offer this innovative procedure to his patients, providing consistent results with no surgery required. Patients who are interested in obtaining more information regarding this treatment should contact DermASAP and schedule a private consultation.



ALMI works by combining traditional fat grafting techniques PRP and stem cells treatments for optimal body restoration. The technology used allows efficient extraction and purification of the fatty cells to obtain stromal and stem cells along with cleansed fatty tissue for injection back into the body. When injected, these organic materials provide restoring agents that lead to improvements in the body like never before. Through this technology, they were able to discover that it can be used to help alignment dysfunctions throughout the body, rather than only to help hair regrowth and to replenish volume in the face. In the following months after the injections, patients will continue to see improvements.



ALMI offers a variety of different procedure options to help correct different concerns on multiple areas of the body. With ALMI, we can help treat volume loss in the face and back of the hands, hair loss, joint pain, as well as to improve male and female sexual health. The different ALMI procedures patients can choose from include:


As men and women age, volume throughout the face diminishes. This can lead to the development of wrinkles, lines, and skin laxity, making you look older or tired. ALMI Face takes the body’s fat to restore facial volume loss and provide a useful alternative to dermal fillers and other injectables. Patients can receive youthful results through this skin rejuvenating treatment.


Patients who experience thinning hair or hair loss may seek out hair rejuvenation treatments such as standard PRP treatments. ALMI takes these PRP treatments to the next level by combining the patient’s own fat and platelet-rich plasma extracted from a sample of the patient’s blood to provide a fully comprehensive hair restoration procedure. The fat combined with PRP delivers added regenerative benefits that help to renew hair growth more efficiently and effectively.


ALMI Body uses bio-cellular therapy to help treat musculoskeletal conditions such as:

  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Meniscal tears
  • Ligament and tendon ruptures
  • Degenerative discs
  • Muscle tears
  • Hip pain

Bio-cellular therapy is the process of extracting stromal cells from fatty tissue and reintroducing them into the body in areas of ailment. These particular cells are unique in such a way that they have the ability to develop into many different kinds of cells. With the regeneration of cells, they seek out areas that need repair due to injury or standard wear and tear.


Women may experience functional concerns with their genitalia that can be caused by age or childbirth. Some of these concerns may be vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, or vaginal atrophy. ALMI FEMShot uses bio-cellular therapy to restore function and decrease the symptoms that are experienced. The stromal and stem cells will transform into the necessary tissue needed in the vaginal region to improve a woman’s comfort and quality of life.


ALMI MENShot can improve various conditions for a man’s overall health. Some of the concerns that can be treated with this procedure include:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Male enhancement
  • Peyronies
  • Incontinence
  • Painful intercourse

Very similar to ALMI FEMShot, this procedure uses bio-cellular therapy to extract stromal cells from fatty tissue, typically taken from the abdomen or flanks. The cells and platelets that have been obtained will be injected into the male genitalia to help improve function and reduce any problematic symptoms.



Good candidates for an ALMI procedure should be in good health and have realistic expectations of results. The majority of men and women are considered candidates for this procedure so long as they have an adequate amount of fat on either the stomach, flanks, or buttocks for the extraction. Depending on the particular concerns, the patient may need to have blood drawn for the additional PRP treatment, typically needed for the hair restoration procedure.

The patients who are considering this procedure may be looking to avoid the use of synthetic materials from being injected into the skin altogether, such as dermal fillers or Botox, and instead, use their body’s own materials to add volume. On the other hand, patients may be looking to restore a more youthful function to the body, whether that be hair growth, aches, joint pain, or sexual health.

To find out if a patient is a good candidate for one of the ALMI procedures, we encourage them to contact DermASAP today and request a consultation with Dr. Reed!



During the initial consultation with Dr. Reed, the patient will be asked about their particular concerns and what they are looking to achieve through the ALMI procedure. Next, the doctor will briefly review the patient’s medical history to ensure that this treatment will be a safe and beneficial option for them. The doctor will then perform a physical examination to identify the patient’s concerns and make the final determinations for candidacy. If the patient is a good candidate, they will work one-on-one with the doctor to construct a personalized procedure plan. This plan will be tailored to their exact needs and through it, the doctor will be able to provide an accurate quote for their procedure.

If deemed acceptable by the doctor at this time, patients will be given the option to schedule their procedure date, but there is no obligation to do so.



The ALMI procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthetic. The entirety of the procedure can be done within 45 minutes to two hours depending on the particular ALMI procedure chosen and the extent of treatment that is needed. Once the numbing agent has been injected into the specified area, a small incision will be made for the liposuction.

Through this incision, a cannula will be inserted, and the doctor will extract the fatty tissue from a designated area on the body, as well as a minimal amount of autologous platelets. The bodily materials will be placed into a purification process to obtain the stromal cells, stem cells, and platelets which will then be injected directly into the tissues within the treatment area. This will help strengthen the body’s healing capabilities, leading to regeneration of the damaged tissue. Because these cells can adapt and grow in any area, they are very beneficial to restore function and volume to the body.

The area of injection will depend on which procedure is being performed and the concerns the patient is looking to correct. The incisions will be closed and the necessary bandages will be placed.



Patients are free to leave our office immediately following their treatment. There is very little to no downtime, so patients can receive a timely treatment and go about their daily routines without skipping a beat. Patients may experience soreness for about one week after their procedure but this is normal and will subside naturally. Before leaving the office, our staff will provide patients with individualized recovery instructions for optimal healing.

There will be minimal scarring left from the liposuction incision, but it will continue to fade over the next few months. Patients will notice subtle improvements after the treatment are finished; however, they will experience a “second wave” of further improvements after the cells take formation within their new placement.



 The cost of the ALMI procedure will vary from patient to patient depending on which procedure is chosen and the extent of treatment needed to provide the desired results. During the initial consultation, the doctor will assess the patient’s particular concerns to create a custom procedure plan and quote. In the case that the patient requires additional procedures to help achieve their aesthetic goals, the cost of the procedure will be affected. To receive an accurate ALMI quote, please call or contact our office here to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Reed today! *RESULTS MAY VARY

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