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Unwanted hair can be troublesome for many patients. The constant grooming and removal through methods such as waxing, tweezing, and shaving can be time-consuming and costly. Instead, patients who want to experience permanent hair removal on a specific area of their body can consider the benefits of BBL hair removal at DermASAP.

BBL hair removal is done in several treatments. Patients cannot undergo one treatment and see effective results. This is because the treatments must be done at specific intervals to ensure it targets hair in the active growth phase. Once the initial 6-8 appointments have been completed, patients should continue to schedule annual visits to touch up any areas that may have been missed during these previous sessions. This ensures permanent, long-term hair removal rather than reduction.
BBL hair removal uses the Sciton BBL broadband light source to target hair follicles in the growth phase and eliminates them from producing hair. Large areas can be treated, including the face, back, chest, arms, legs, bikini area, and underarms. Patients may find that this is the best way to eliminate the time and money necessary to remove the hair from the area continually using traditional methods.

Patients can shave before the appointment, but are encouraged not to wax or pluck as this removes hair from the follicle and keeps it from being affected by treatment. On the day of the treatment, patients should wear clothing that is loose and comfortable. Anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area and patients will undergo treatment with the Sciton BBL laser. Patients may feel a mild stinging sensation, but this is well tolerated by many and is only temporary.



BBL utilizes photothermal energy. During your consultation, a customized wavelength will be chosen to treat your specific skin type. Hair is only susceptible to light therapy when it’s in the growth stage. BBL heats the follicles, disabling hair growth. Because hair grows in stages, not all of the hair will be in the growth stage at the same time. Multiple BBL treatments will need to be done to ensure that all hair is treated during the growth stage. Your treatment schedule will be set during your consultation.




BBL (broadband light) hair removal utilizes laser energy that is absorbed by the melanin in hair follicles. The energy then destroys the stem cells located within the follicles. At the same time, BBL also heats the follicles to disable growth because hair reduction can only be successful when done during the active growth phase of the cycle.

With BBL hair removal treatment, you can finally say goodbye to waxing, plucking, shaving, and creams for good. Some of the most common treatment areas include:

  • Bikini area
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Face
  • Neck

Preparing for BBL requires avoiding sun exposure in the weeks prior to your procedure. Because the laser targets the pigment in the hair follicles, you want it to stand out. Suntans can get in the way of the laser’s ability to address the unwanted hair adequately.


Your treatment plan is highly dependent on the area of the body being treated, varying anywhere from three to eight sessions. Most sessions are scheduled a month to six weeks out in order to accommodate the growth cycle.

Patients will need to shave the area 24 hours before treatment. BBL requires no downtime and patients can resume normal activity immediately after treatment. There may be redness in the treatment area after the session.

After treatment, patients should consider the following precautions:

Redness and swelling may occur but should subside within a few hours.
Post-treatment discomfort can be reduced with an ice pack and mild analgesics.
Keep the treated area clean, as hair will fall out over several weeks.
Avoid self-tanners or tanning beds between treatments.
Plucking and waxing hair is discouraged between treatments.
Do not shave the treatment area until three days after the session.
Avoid rubbing the skin dry after a shower; gently pat dry instead.



BBL is not suited for patients with a tan because the melanin will absorb the light intended for the follicles. Patients seeking BBL will need to avoid sun exposure for at least three weeks prior to treatment.

BBL will not work on white, red, or gray hair. Patients with certain medical conditions may also be excluded from BBL. A thorough medical history will be taken during your consultation.




The Nd/Yag laser is recommended for patients with darker skin coloring, including Afro American or Fitzpatrick skin types 5 and 6. This laser can be very effective for treating ingrown hairs, or pseudo folliculitis barbae, which can lead to razor bumps and further discoloration. After care is similar to those listed for the other light sources above.

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