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 growths on the skin can become an eyesore and blemish your overall appearance. These growths are very common and occur mostly in older individuals. For those who are looking for a permanent answer to skin growths like seborrheic keratoses, there is Eskata.

Eskata is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for seborrheic keratoses. Developed with the comfort, safety, and efficacy in mind, Eskata can give you the clear, blemish-free skin. DermASAP is pleased to offer Eskata to our patients. Schedule your consultation today to learn More!


Eskata is an FDA-approved, professional-strength topical treatment for removing seborrheic keratoses. Seborrheic keratosis also referred to as senile warts, are benign growths that appear brown, light grey or black. They may be raised or rough in texture and range in size from barely visible to an inch across.

The causes of seborrheic keratosis are unknown, but they are known to appear in adults over the age of fifty. Each year, more than three million cases of seborrheic keratoses are reported. These growths are often mistaken as moles, skin tags or even skin cancer. Fortunately, seborrheic keratoses are not dangerous.

Traditionally, these can be treated with cryosurgery, lasers or simply cutting them off, but these treatments often have limited results or may cause scarring. With Eskata, there is now a simple, safe and effective topical treatment that can clear away seborrheic keratoses without surgery, incisions or significant downtime.

Eskata is a concentrated formulation of hydrogen peroxide liquid that comes in a uniquely designed pen-shaped applicator. Developed by Aclaris Therapeutics, Eskata was officially approved by the FDA on December 2017 for treatment of SKs on any skin tone.

Seborrheic keratoses are lesions or growths that start off as small rough patches. Eventually, they become thicker and appear wart-like. Some describe them as “suck-on” and separate from the skin. Typically oval in shape, SKs may have a raised profile and rough texture. The color of your SKs may be yellow, white or black depending on the individual.

SKs generally appear in middle-aged adults. Risk of developing SKs increase as you get older as well. Although the exact reason that SKs develop isn’t clear, research does indicate that too much sun exposure increases the risk of SK development.
SKs may appear similar to other skin growths and may be cause for concern if there is a sudden change in the appearance of your skin growths to purple, blue, or black. To determine whether or not a particular skin growth is a seborrheic keratosis or something else, it is best to schedule a consultation. During a consultation, a skin biopsy and examination may be performed to obtain an exact diagnosis. Dr. Reed’s specialty is in dermatology and will be able to make a clear determination and recommend the best course of treatment for any kind of skin growth and blemish.

Eskata is an ideal treatment for removing non-cancerous skin growths called seborrheic keratoses from the face, neck and other highly visible areas of the body. Although SKs usually appear in adults and more commonly in older adults, the treatment is safe and effective for removing SKs from healthy individuals at a variety of ages and with a variety of skin tones.

Eskata is not intended for use in the treatment of open or infected SKs or skin lesions. For those who may be concerned if their skin growths are malignant or pre-cancerous, there are other more appropriate treatments such as MOHS surgery for skin cancer.
SKs may appear on the face, chest, scalp, shoulders, back, and abdominal area. They may just be one or multiple growths can appear over time. In some cases, SKs can be found in other areas of the body, but never the soles of the feet or palms.

Any area where SKs can appear, Eskata can treat it. Eskata is a convenient and effective solution for removing SKs from:

Eskata is a non-surgical, non-invasive topical treatment that is performed in-office as the patient is awake and resting comfortably.

During the initial stages of treatment, the specific lesions and growths are indicated and mapped out for application of Eskata. Then, the SKs are cleaned with isopropyl wipes and dried in preparation. If the SKs are located on the face, special steps are taken to ensure the eyes or sensitive areas are protected. SKs located too closely to the eyes (SKs within an area called the “orbital rim” cannot be treated with Eskata. )

The Eskata applicator is a compact pen-shaped applicator with a uniquely designed doe foot applicator tip. The solution is contained within the Eksata applicator and is activated before treatment. The Eskata solution can be applied four times to each SK with each application spaced out a minute apart. The solution is left on for an additional minute and then dabbed dry. Some patients will experience a mild stinging or discomfort as the solution sets. If the discomfort becomes too much, fewer applications may be performed.

By the end of the treatment session, each treated SK may appear “frosted” or have a white coloration to them.
There is no downtime for Eskata treatment and patients can immediately return to their normal, daily activities. Over the course of three weeks, the SK will fade and disappear. If the SK does not fade away, additional Eskata treatments may be performed until clear, smooth skin is Achieved.

Individuals who are interested in removing SKs with Eskata treatment should schedule a consultation with Dr. Reed today. Each consultation will be help at DermASAP dermatological center where you will meet with one of our highly-trained staff for an assessment. During your personalized meeting, you can point out which areas you’d like treated and discuss your goals for treatment. Dr. Reed may need to perform a dermatological exam to determine exactly what kind of skin lesions you may have. After your examination, you will receive a completely customized treatment recommendation. You will be walked through each step of treatment and any questions you have are happily answered by our staff. We aim for all our patients to be 100% confident and comfortable with the treatment they are receiving.

The cost of your Eskata treatment will be determined during your consultation. Every treatment is completely customized to address the specific presenting issues of the patient.

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