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The signs of aging can sneak up on you. Wrinkles, fine lines, sunken areas of the face give the impression of aging and a loss of vitality. In a world where we are so often judged by our looks, this can be a huge problem. Fortunately, there are solutions like Bellafill.

With Bellafill, there is a quick and convenient treatment for dealing with the signs of aging. This injectable treatment can give you peace of mind in looking as young and vibrant as you feel for as long as possible. Turning back the clock on the signs of aging has never been easier than with the dermal injection Bellafill.

To learn more about Bellafill, please contact Integrated Dermatology today and request a consultation with Dr. Reed!

Bellafill is an anti-aging solution for deep creases, wrinkles, acne scars and other facial imperfections. With this treatment, you can maintain a youthful, vibrant appearance and age gracefully. Bellafill, formerly known as Artefill, is an FDA-approved dermal injection that precisely volumizing the skin for long-term anti-aging treatment. The patented combination of collagen gel and “PMMA microspheres” give Bellafill it’s unique rejuvenating powers.

The signs of aging that impact the face tend to be due to sun exposure, acne scarring, smoking, poor diet, stress and the natural loss of skin elasticity over time. Skin elastin is likely the biggest culprit when it comes to aging. Elastin in your skin gives it the ability to retain a perky, fuller, taut appearance. Elastin also gives skin the ability to bounce back from stretching. Over time, elastin tends to diminish with age, but some individuals naturally have less, to begin with. Other skin quality factors such as collagen also degrade and diminish over time. Losing elastin and collagen are major contributors to the development of wrinkles, lines and sunken areas of the skin. And this is where Bellafill comes in.

Bellafill’s exact composition is mostly bovine collagen, PMMA microspheres, and .3 % lidocaine for pain reduction. With Bellafill, the active ingredients are a combination of synthetic microspheres and enhanced bovine collagen. The synthetic microspheres are polymethylmethacrylate microspheres (PMMA), which function as a scaffolding that maintains your skin’s fuller appearance after the collagen is absorbed.

Bellafill works to restore the sunken areas of the skin that create wrinkles and lines. When injected, the collagen is the initial active agent in filling in gaps and spaces.
After some time, the injected collagen is absorbed by the body, but the remaining PMMA microspheres continue holding shape. Then, the body reacts to the microspheres by laying down fresh collagen within the scaffolding for a long-lasting result. Bellafill is also the first and only injectable that is FDA-approved for the treatment of acne scars.

Acne scars can be an eyesore and leave your face and cheeks looking damaged and uneven. The way acne scars form is when acne build up leads to whitehead, blackhead and zit formation. With more extreme acne cases, scarring develops when individuals pick at their face causing acne outbreaks to worsen. Some people are genetically inclined towards acne and have skin that is more sensitive to scarring. In these cases, acne scarring can create depressed areas and sunken spots on the face. Bellafill is an excellent treatment for treating this kind of acne scarring. With its volumizing properties, Bellafill creates a smoother, natural appearance.

FDA clinical trials also demonstrated Bellafill’s long-term effectiveness at the five year period. Bellafill was approved by the FDA in 2006 after a strict and rigorous gauntlet of clinical trials. Clinical trials demonstrated Bellafill’s wrinkle correction power in comparison to plain collagen injections, and Bellafill comes ahead across the board. The use of PMMA microspheres has been in use in the cosmetic and medical worlds for more than sixty years with a long track record of efficacy and safety.

As an added measure of safety, all patients who choose Bellafill are given allergy tests a few months before their treatment. This is to determine if you may have a bovine collagen allergy that may provoke a negative reaction to treatment. The allergy skin test also will show if you have an allergy to lidocaine and reveal if your body will develop thick or hyper-developed scars. If an allergy is discovered, other dermal injectables may be more suitable.

Smile Lines
Frown Lines
Under Eyes
Nose & Chin

Are the signs of aging such as wrinkles, nasolabial folds, deep creases and acne scars bothering you and adding years to your appearance? If it seems that the signs of aging are giving the impression that you are tired and lack vitality, then you will reap the benefits of Bellafill. Quincy, Plymouth and South Shore patients considering Bellafill treatments should at least be 21 years old.

Those with known allergies to collagen or lidocaine may be recommended alternative dermal injections to avoid complications. Patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning a future pregnancy, will have to discuss their options as treatment hasn’t been fully cleared for nursing and expectant mothers.

Many hallmarks of aging are the result of loss of skin elasticity. Deepening wrinkles around the mouth and nose, typically called nasolabial folds, are a common example. Other wrinkles and creases can develop around the mouth and eyes as a result of regular motions and expressions. Bellafill is ideal for volumizing and filling. To accurately determine if Bellafill is indeed the right choice, schedule a consultation.

Bellafill is a great anti-aging treatment for adult men and women.

To get the ball rolling on your anti-aging treatment, schedule a consultation at Integrated Dermatology. During your private consultation, you’ll meet with one of our experienced physicians to discuss your personal aesthetic goals. This will be the opportune time to point out problem areas, wrinkles, and lines that bother you the most. The physician will examine your face and determine which treatments will best fit your goals and address your concerns. Some patients find bringing in pictures that exemplify the results they are looking for to be helpful.

Together, we can discuss what to expect with the procedure and bring up any potential concerns such as possible allergies, previous cosmetic procedures, medical conditions and medications you may be taking.

If found a candidate for Bellafill treatments, a skin test will be required to ensure that you have no underlying allergies to any of the ingredients in this injectable. For the skin test, a small amount of Bellafill will be injected into the forearm, after which, you will be instructed to wait about 30 days to ensure that you have no allergies to this injectable. This will help Dr. Reed and his staff to detect the small percentage of individuals who are allergic to Bellafill.

On the day of your scheduled treatment, you will come in and have the treatment area cleaned and prepped.
Then, using a very fine-tipped syringe, small amount of Bellafill is injected into a target wrinkle or crease. There may be multiple injections depending on the size of the area being treated. The session may take as little as fifteen minutes to half an hour. As soon as the injection is complete, you will see immediate improvement.

Just a single dosage will show improvements, but complete results may take additional time. You will immediately notice a fuller, smoother appearance since the collagen instantly functions to fill in wrinkles and lines.

One of the main perks of Bellafill is its versatility for treating a wide range of aging issues on different areas of the face.
Smile lines and frown lines: deep creases that form around the mouth tend to occur along the natural borders of our mouth, cheeks, and nose. Smiling and frowning create lines that form as we age called nasolabial folds.
Sunken Under Eyes: loss of skin elasticity can result in sunken areas below your eyes that make you look tired. The volumizing capabilities of Bellafill are especially effective for giving you a refreshed look.
Sunken cheeks: the cheeks are another common area that sinks and creates a tired, aged appearance. Hollow cheeks are a distinct feature of aging but can be filled in with Bellafill.
Nose and chin: Bellafill’s long-lasting results have made it a viable option for shaping the nose and chin by filling in dimpling and dips.
Acne Scars: can leave patches of sunken areas across the face. Filling them in creates a smoother, even appearance.
A fuller, smoother appearance will be instantly clear as soon as your treatment is complete. The vast majority of patients come away satisfied with their results, which are clinically proven to last as long as five years. That is two years longer than comparable dermal fillers. There is zero downtime and recovery and you can immediately go back to daily life. Some patients can experience light redness and swelling of the treatment area, but this typically resolves in a day or two.

The collagen’s volumizing effects are instant, and the PMMA microspheres provide long-term results. As the bovine collagen is naturally absorbed, your body will fill in the PMMA microsphere scaffolding with your own natural collagen.

The cost of a Bellafill treatment will vary from patient to patient as no two treatments are alike. The number of injections and treatment sessions will be determined based on the specific goals of the patient and their body. The best way to determine an accurate number is with a consultation where treatment packages can be tailored to meet your situation.

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