Patients ask the DermASAP team, “How can Vanquish ME help in body contouring?”

Vanquish is a proven alternative to invasive surgical procedures for the treatment of stubborn fat that doesn’t budge with proper diet and exercise. Vanquish ME is the latest version of this body contouring technology, which uses radiofrequency energy to heat deep tissues.

The precise application of heat derived from RF kills fat cells via a process known as apoptosis. The body clears the cells safely and naturally. Since the fat cells are destroyed, they are gone for good and can’t be regained in the same area. This approach differs from traditional weight loss regimens that may shrink fat cells without destroying them.

An even better way

Vanquish ME stands for “Maximum Energy.” The makers of the Vanquish System, BTL Aesthetics, have taken body contouring to the next level by delivering more concentrated thermal energy to the treatment area. Vanquish is quite safe, because of the low risk to surrounding tissues. Vanquish ME is designed for even less “scatter” to non-fatty tissues outside of the targeted area.

Unlike other nonsurgical treatments, Vanquish ME is designed to treat large areas efficiently. The entire abdomen (from one flank to the next) can be treated in one session. DermASAP understands how busy patients are, so the team is pleased to offer a device with an industry-leading treatment size. Thanks to its high-frequency selective RF energy field, Vanquish ME can result in a more contoured abdominal and core area within 4 to 6 sessions of around 30 minutes each.

While it is an ideal alternative for patients who desire a more sculpted body without surgery, Vanquish ME is not a substitute for other approaches for those with greater weight loss needs. The ideal candidate should be near his or her healthy weight range and have pockets of stubborn fat around the middle and sides. The Vanquish system can also sculpt areas such as:

  • Thighs
  • Upper knees
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Upper arms
  • Butt

The Vanquish device is designed so it never touches the skin’s surface. Many DermASAP patients compare treatment to a heating pad. Due to the system’s unique design, no anesthesia or medication is necessary. You can also get back to work, sports, family and social commitments with no downtime, as there is nothing to recover from. Care before, during, and after treatment is limited to the need for increased fluid intake.

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