Medical Dermatology

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When patients begin to experience problems with their skin, they understand the importance of seeking a medical professional who provides comprehensive care for the skin and body. Dr. Reed of DermASAP in the Boston area offers treatments for a variety of medical conditions, including acne, psoriasis/eczema, and skin cancer.


acneAcne is not just a skin problem that affects teenagers. In fact, millions of Americans deal with adult acne. Painful and noticeable blemishes can cause patients to feel extremely embarrassed and self-conscious about their appearance. Acne has been linked to problems such as low self-esteem and depression. Thankfully, there are treatments available that can help with even severe acne. Patients of all ages can visit the team at DermASAP for an examination to determine the best course of treatment to reduce or eliminate acne for good!


psoriasis-eczemaConditions such as psoriasis and eczema can be embarrassing for those who deal with them on very visible parts of the face or body. They are characterized by fluid filled vesicles, scaly patches, and itchy skin. Both have their own methods of treatment, and patients who have been diagnosed with either of these chronic disorders have several ways to control flare-ups and reduce their appearance. A quality dermatologist, such as Dr. Reed of DermASAP, can help both children and adults with psoriasis or eczema diagnosis and treatment.

Skin Cancer/Mohs Surgery

mohs-surgerySkin cancer is a serious diagnosis and requires doctors to remove the unhealthy skin cells from the body to encourage recovery. The current state–of-the-art method of excising cancerous skin cells is with Mohs micrographic surgery. This treatment allows a dermatologist to remove as much of the unhealthy skin cells as possible to ensure the cancer is no longer on the body.

At DermASAP, we understand that medical skin conditions can be troublesome and offer a wide range of products and treatments to assist you. If you are dealing with any of the above conditions, or are unsure as to what is causing your skin concern, contact DermASAP of Boston today to schedule a consultation appointment with board certified dermatologist Dr. Reed, and his team.