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Stunning facial rejuvenation does not require surgery. Non-surgical procedures lik-e microneedling prompt the body’s own rejuvenation capabilities to even out skin tone, smooth skin texture, diminish scarring, and provide an overall radiance with new, healthier skin.

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Microneedling, dermaneedling, skin needling, collagen induction therapy – it goes by many different names. But no matter what it’s called, the visible results are the same – breathtaking. Microneedling skin rejuvenation is the act of creating tiny microchannels in the skin to cause the body to begin it’s automatic healing response. The medical grade needles are able to break down scar tissue and stimulate the creation of collagen and new skin cells as the body heals the detected wounds. This in turn promotes healthier skin and a smoother, brighter complexion.

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At Integrated Dermatology we use Derminator Digital for our microneedling sessions. Why? The #1 and most important benefit of Derminator Digital Dermaneedling: no microtearing. While the point of microneedling is to create microchannels in the skin to initiate a healing response, the size of the channel should be microscopic. Other microneedling devices can cause microtearing of the skin, which is large horizontal tears. This can result in long recovery and permanent pore ripping. The Derminator medical grade needles are so thin, this is not a concern. Derminator’s short duty cycle, or amount of time needles are in the skin, also prevents tearing because the needles do not stay in the skin for longer than necessary.

Derminator microneedling is all automated, so there is no inconsistency in performance. Our specially trained staff can set the speed, depth, force, and number of needles on the device as the machine outputs the optimal settings for each individual patient. And the medical grade needles are strong enough where they will not bend or break, but thin enough where the punctures are imperceptible.

Although most commonly used on the face, microneedling is designed to treat an array of skin conditions and concerns on most parts of the body.

Some common areas on the body, besides the face, where microneedling can be performed include: 

On these areas, we can perform microneedling to treat:

Pore size
Stretch marks
Good candidates for medical grade microneedling are healthy men and womenwho wish to address skin imperfections or concerns through non-surgical means. This makes just about anyone a qualified candidate, so long as they do not have any active infections, cold sores, or skin diseases.

Microneedling is a great option for people of all skin tones because, unlike some skin rejuvenation lasers, darker complexions are not a contraindication. Even if a patient does not have acne scars or discoloration, microneedling can be used as a routine ‘pick me up’ treatment for a continuous glow. Dr. Reed may determine, depending on the severity of a case or the patient’s desired results, that additional treatments performed together with microneedling can achieve greater rejuvenation.

A major reason why Derminator works better than it’s less effective microneedling counterparts like Dermapen is the power behind it. Derminator runs on powerful motors, not cheap batteries that only provide weak delivery. Weaker delivery is not the only concern of battery powered microneedling pens though; they can actually be dangerous. The weakened delivery does not allow the needles to penetrate the skin as evenly and precisely, heightening the chances of microtearing and lessening its effectiveness.

Furthermore, Dermapen needles and like devices are often set to an unnecessarily long length to gain extra penetration with the assumption that this leads to better results. This is false, and can in turn cause pain and skin trauma. The same goes for the amount of needles; more needles requires more force.

Derminator’s advanced technology and perfected microneedling techniques as performed by trained staff makes treatment more comfortable and more effective. The machine precisely calculates the necessary needle depth for maximum effect with the least amount of discomfort, and adjusting the needle depths is done simply with the touch of a button.

As for dermal rollers, the fact that the product can be used at home should speak to its effectiveness. And a product that does not require a licensed physician to use it means it cannot reach the depth necessary to achieve a healing and repair response and, in turn, visible results. A dermal roller can essentially be equated to a standard facial; it can produce temporary surface results, but will not address the underlying cause of pigmentation, scars, and age spots.

The patient’s face or treatment area will first be thoroughly cleansed when they arrive. Numbing cream is available for those who opt to use it, but it is not necessary as most of our patients find the treatment is very tolerable. In some cases, we may apply topical creams and serums because the microchannels will provide excellent passage and, therefore, achieve superior results. At the time of the consultation, we will discuss the creams and serums that would be most beneficial to the patient depending on their skin type.

The microneedling device is set to the proper settings for the patient, and the microneedling then begins.

The medical grade needles enter the skin at a set, steady pace and force to induce a healing response from the body. Shorter length is used for more sensitive areas like around the eyes and mouth, while longer needles are used for areas like the cheeks or arms. Derminator is able to penetrate the dermis without trauma. Healing responses will not be activated unless the dermis is reached. Otherwise, optimal results cannot be achieved. This is another reason why we use the Derminator; it effectively reaches the dermis.

The device is slowly and meticulously moved along the skin to evenly treat the full area. Patients have said the process feels similar to a cat’s tongue, not painful at all. The serums are effectively absorbed through the microchannels for added rejuvenation benefits. The whole microneedling sessions takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Patients can then return to their usual daily activities.

While the treatment area may initially appear red, microneedling requires zero downtime. We recommend patients not wash their face for 4 hours following the treatment as the microchannels are closing and absorbing the serums. Light mineral powder can be used to cover any redness for the meantime. Regular makeup can be worn about 3 days later. Serums and moisturizers may be provided to patients after their treatment.

Results start to become visible as quickly as 48 hours. The skin tends to flake as it’s healing, but this will remedy itself and resolve even quicker with the use of a moisturizer as instructed. Patients begin to notice even skin tone, smoother texture, and a brighter complexion in a matter of days! For long lasting results, it is recommended to come back in for four to six more sessions each spaced about one month apart. A good skin care regimen and sunscreen will help ensure lasting results and Dr. Ken Reed and his skilled team are more than happy to consult with the patient to determine the best skin care regimen for their skin type.

Microneedling can provide stellar results as a treatment on its own, but when combined with additional skin rejuvenation treatments, results can skyrocket. Additional skin rejuvenation treatments we offer at Integrated Dermatology include:

BBL Photo Rejuvenation: A broadband light treatment that emits controlled light energy to address skin conditions and imperfections such as facial veins, pigmentation, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles, and sun damage. This is a topical treatment that does not physically penetrate the skin, but the energy can reach deep under to treat the aforementioned concerns at their source.
MicroLaserPeel: MicroLaserPeel is a superficial skin resurfacing treatment that gently ablates the epidermis using a Sciton laser. It is more powerful than a chemical peel, but does not reach the dermis. This treatment is ideal for those with mild skin conditions.
Profractional Laser: Profractional laser is similar to microneedling in the sense that they both produce tiny microchannels in the skin, but as the name implies, this treatment is done with a special laser. The laser energy initiates the body’s natural healing response which induces collagen production and diminishing wrinkles and discoloration.
Your initial microneedling consultation at our Quincy or Plymouth, Massachusetts location is important to determine if microneedling is the appropriate treatment for your individual case. Please come in ready to speak with us about your skin dislikes. An examination will be performed on the face or area of concern, and if he determines that microneedling would be the optimal course of action, then we will create a personalized treatment plan.

The cost of microneedling will be based on the treatment areas, products utilized and the amount of sessions needed to achieve the desired results. During your initial consultation our trained staff will provide you with their treatment recommendations and costs associated.

If you are interested in the powerful benefits of microneedling, please do not hesitate to contact our Quincy or Plymouth, Massachusetts location and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you.

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