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Skin Tag Removal Specialist

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Often mistaken for moles, skin tags are protruding pieces of skin that, unlike moles, are usually the color of your flesh. Many people wish to have them removed from their face or neck for cosmetic purposes and, thankfully, removal is quite simple. If a skin tag is causing you physical discomfort or annoyance, the team at DermASAP in Quincy or Plymouth, Massachusetts, can remove it. Call or schedule an appointment online to have your skin tag removed today.

Skin Tag Removal Q & A

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are small, soft growths of flesh that protrude from your skin. They are a form of benign, or harmless, tumor that typically forms later in life. Even though they’re completely harmless, they can impede your ability to comfortably shave or wear clothes and jewelry. They’re generally the same color as your skin, but you might find them unattractive and want to remove them for cosmetic purposes.

Skin tags usually appear on your face and neck and in crevices on your body, including your eyelids, groin area, and armpits. Sometimes, they fall off naturally or before you even notice that they’ve developed. Other times they are strongly attached and require minor, noninvasive removal surgery.


How do skin tags develop?

Doctors are unsure of what causes skin tags, but they usually develop as you age. One theory is that the rubbing of skin speeds their development since they tend to occur in folds. They may also have a genetic component because they are commonly found in many members of a family. You may be at a greater risk of developing skin tags if:

  • You’re a woman
  • You’re overweight or obese
  • You’re in midlife or older
  • You have diabetes


Doctors have also noticed some correlation between skin tags and low-risk forms of human papillomavirus (HPV), but it is unknown if the two are linked or if HPV causes skin tags.


How are skin tags removed?

DermASAP offers three options for skin tag removal. At your initial consultation, your doctor will assess your skin tag and determine whether or not it requires a biopsy for further examination. Then, they will choose the best method for you. Before the removal, you will be given a local anesthetic to prevent pain or discomfort. Your options are:


You may have your skin tag removed via cryosurgery, or freezing. In this case, your doctor will use liquid nitrogen to freeze the tag, prompting it to fall off.


Burning, or cauterization, is a method of skin tag removal that involves your doctor burning the skin tag off with an electrical current.


Another option for skin tag removal, excision, is having your doctor cut it off with a surgical blade.

If you’re developing skin tags that cause discomfort or other nuisance, visit DermASAP to have them painlessly removed from your body.