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Wrinkles, deep creases, and fine lines caused by aging, sun exposure, or overused facial musclessometimes require more advanced treatment. For cases such as these, we offer an array of dermal fillers to help correct these common concerns. Integrated Dermatology is proud to be offering Versa, a newly designed dermal filler that provides long-lasting and natural looking results.

We also offer a multitude of other dermal fillers, including Bellafill, Belotero, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane, to suit every patient’s needs. To learn more about Versa and our other filler options, please contact our office today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kenneth Reed.

Dermal fillers are made of synthetic material that is used to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles, replenish lost volume, or even enhance certain facial features, such as the lips or cheeks. It is a minimally invasive treatment that requires no downtime and offers instant results. This treatment is ideal for patients looking to treat and reduce the unwanted signs of aging that appear on the face through the natural aging process. Each patient has a unique body and situation, and dermal filler treatments are always tailored to match.

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When considering which dermal filler treatment to undergo, patients can now choose Versa. We are pleased to be offering this new, versatile, effective, and safe injectable to our patients, providing very natural-looking results.

Versa is a new multipurpose and FDA-approved injectable filler. Although Versa has only recently been introduced into the US, it has been utilized in Europe and Canada for years as a popular alternative to other hyaluronic acid fillers. This a one of a kind dermal filler is made of an advanced formulation of powerful and natural ingredients and is manufactured with innovative techniques that guarantee satisfying results. Versa is made of hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that is naturally found in the body, which reduces the risk of rejection or reaction to the filler’s ingredients after treatment. The main purpose of Versa is to revitalize and treat wrinkles and creases on the face to result in a smooth, younger-looking aesthetic. It can also be used to volumize the lips for a subtle, yet noticeable enhancement.

Versa is lauded for its advanced technology and formula, which has increased in popularity significantly.
Its particles are uniquely constructed to provide an ideal balance between volume and smoothness. Additionally, Versa’s particle composition is created to be gracefully formed and accepted into the body so that it can last longer than many dermal fillers, leaving you satisfied with your results for years to come.

Versa also adds a premium HA gel that results in less swelling for our patients. Many other types of dermal filler treatments result in more than 24% more swelling compared to Versa, which allows for improved recovery time, and allows our patients to return to their lives and daily routines almost immediately after the treatment. Every batch of Versa is inspected and tested on an individual basis and ensures safety for all of our patients.

To learn more about the revolutionary injection process of Versa and the benefits that it offers, please contact Integrated Dermatology today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kenneth Reed.

Versa and the other dermal fillers we offer in our line of injectables are effective for treating most areas of the face, which include:

Under Eyes – sunken areas under the eyes are one of the most evident signs of aging. Versa can treat this area by adding volume and eliminate these signs of aging.

Frown Lines – Versa can treat deep creases between the eyebrows, which can give an angry or unhappy appearance. Versa will treat this area on a long-term and effective basis.

Cheeks – Versa can address the uneven look that appears in cheeks with age by creating a fuller, youthful look.

Vertical Lip Lines – caused by the natural structure of the face, Versa can treat this common sign of aging and provide a smoother look.

Smile Lines – One of the most commonly treated areas for Versa. Also known as “smile lines,” these lines can worsen the older a person gets. Versa has proven to be effective and successful in this area of the face.

Marionette Lines – These creases along the mouth can be caused by frowning and can be easily eliminated by Versa treatment.

Chin – Versa can smooth away creases and indentations such as chin dimples and a cleft chin.

One of the main reasons Versa is an excellent treatment is the speedy recovery, no downtime, and its well-known safety record. However, for Versa to be performed in its ideal fashion, patients must be examined and consulted on an individual basis. Some of the following descriptions can determine an ideal candidate:

Patients who are over the age of 22
In good overall health
Have no history of bleeding disorders, or aren’t undergoing anticoagulant or antiplatelet therapy
Have no allergies to any ingredients in Versa
Maintain realistic expectations
If patients aren’t seen as an ideal candidate for one particular filler, Dr. Reed will help them explore other treatments that better suit their goals and needs.

During your consultation, you will be able to consult with Dr. Reed about your aesthetic goalsand expectations with the Versa procedure. Together, you’ll discuss a treatment plan that is right for you. He will then determine your candidacy by taking a test of your skin to see if you may have any allergic reactions or underlying skin conditions. He will then customize a treatment plan that best suits your needs to make sure that you meet your goals, and ensure that they are met safely and effectively.

It is important to arrive at your procedure with a clean and fresh face. Male patients are advised to shave, and female patients are advised to avoid any makeup on the day of your treatment. Additionally, patients are advised to stop smoking and avoid any blood thinning medications for a couple of weeks before the procedure. It is also recommended to eat a low salt diet a couple of days before the procedure, which can ease swelling and bruising.

Once you arrive at our state-of-the-art facility, Dr. Reed will apply a numbing cream to the treatment area to help reduce any discomfort. The Versa formula will then be injected into your desired area that was discussed in your consultation. The injection is made with an ultra-thin needle and should take no longer than 15 minutes. Once the procedure is over, the patient may return to their normal life with no downtime necessary.
Due to Versa’s modern approach, downtime should be minimal. Swelling may occur but should dissipate within a couple of days. After the procedure, Dr. Reed will apply either ice or a cold compress to provide immediate comfort and help with swelling and bruising.

Versa is a minimally-invasive procedure that should have patients back to their lives in no time. Our office will schedule a follow-up appointment to track your recovery progress. Feel free to contact us anytime to assist you.

Patients who receive Versa treatments report consistent improvement of the appearance of treated areas and overall high satisfaction with their experience.

Immediately after the procedure, the patient will notice instant improvement, but final results might only become obvious once bruising and swelling completely disappears after a few days.

Versa treatment lasts longer than many other dermal fillers. This new treatment has longer-lasting results due to the premium quality hyaluronic acid which has a higher molecular weight to provide these long-term results.

Your consultation will take place in the Integrated Dermatology office that is closest to you. This is the time for the patient and Dr. Reed to understand each other and for the patient to develop comfort with the doctor.
You may ask any questions and express any concerns you may have at this time. Dr. Reed will evaluate your case and customize your treatment based on your individual needs. Additionally, Dr. Reed will describe the Versa treatment process and will show you before and after pictures of previous patients, to clarify its effectiveness and results.

Dr. Reed and his staff at Integrated Dermatology draw on their expertise and all available resources to determine the best fit for your aesthetic goals and needs. Dr. Reed is a Harvard Medical School graduate with over 25 years of experience in plastic surgery. His extensive and acclaimed experience has changed the lives of patients from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the Lahey Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Best Israel Hospital, to name a few. He is specialized in both cosmetic dermatology and laser technology, which gives him the opportunity to thoroughly advise patients with a complete breadth of knowledge on their cosmetic options.

Call Integrated Dermatology today and schedule a consultation, so we can help you make your aesthetic goals a reality.

The cost of your Versa treatment will depend on your specific treatment needs, expectations, and desired areas. Additional combined treatments will also be taken into account. A price will be determined at the time of the consultation, once Dr. Reed has established a treatment plan based on your exact needs. Contact Integrated Dermatology today to schedule a consultation and receive a custom quote!

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